About us

DIGITAL TEXTILE – Russia-based manufacture, carrying out digital printing on natural fabrics and knitwear. When DIGITAL TEXTILE was founding, we have combined business, creativity, and technology - to create innovative products and business solutions. We guarantee the flexibility and speed, that are urgent to meet the needs of an ever-twisting market.

Our vision:
- We are bent on continuous growth and implementation of innovative technologies;
- We increase the value of the product and services, and reduce the cost of production at the same time;
- Unique solutions for your business.


Our manufacturing facility is based in the Moscow Region within the territory of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ). Ultra-modern industrial full-cycle gear from the leading manufacturing countries - Italy, Germany and Japan - is installed here, on a production site of 11,500 square meters. Our high production capacity allows us to manufacture 150,000 linear meters of canvas per month. The production is certified according to the standards of the Russian Federation. The printing system is an industrial textile printer for direct printing on natural materials and mixed materials with a predominance of natural fibers. Due to our technical equipment, we can grant any productions demand and offer a unique, new generation product that meets high standards of quality and environmental friendliness.


Our team consists of talented and professional designers. We are devotees, and we inspire by everything around us to create new ideas and put them into textile design. Most of our designers work in styles that are highly sought in the textile industry, fashion, and design. We can handle tasks that require a lot of experience, an understanding of the industry, and sustained high quality. The creation of print designs is carried out when taking into account visual trends and types of target audiences. By promoting the love of beauty, good taste and respect for copyright, we strive to understand and visualize the desires of our customers. Analyzing current trends, we try to predict future trends and tendencies, to ensure that our collections always meet the most demanding requirements.

- use your own print
- choose a ready-made solution
- trust the professionals. Our own design studio will build up a concept, refine the idea, and offer an alternative
- use your base material. Technical requirements
- choose our base material. We guarantee quality and variety
- we can predict the behavior of the fabric in production with 99% guarantee;
- reduce the cost of purchasing extra meters of fabric
- save money by choosing a reliable ready-made solution
- do not limit yourself to the number of prints on a single basis
- re-order as required. We are always here for you!
- a team of experts will provide you with a high level of service
- minimum due date per order
- we will deliver the order promptly in any convenient way for you
- with us you will optimize your inventory
- you will have a personal manager
- your client and you will be satisfied